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A Novel Black Box Approach For Component Adaptation Technique


B.Jalender, Dr.A.Govardhan


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 81-90


There are several ways to improve software performance by using existing software. So, the developments of some programs are the most promising ways. However, traditional part programming studies usually assume that the components are recycled “as is”. Existing models of component objects only provide limited support for partial adjustments, namely white box technologies ( copy-paste & inheritance) and the black-box methods (such as mixing and encapsulation). These technologies have problems related to recovery, efficiency, implementation of indirect costs, or their own problems. This paper suggests as JALTREE, The Black Box adaptation technology, which allows us for the implementation of previous components, but we need configurable the interface types, for measuring the adaptability. In this article we discussed the types of adjustments including component interfaces and component composition. An example of customizing JALTREE and component can be illustrated in several examples


Adaptation, Software Reuse, Component, White box, Black box