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Organizational-Economic Mechanism of the Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex in Modern Conditions


Anatolii Ivanko, Nataliia Vasylenko, Lesia Bushovska, Halyna Makedon, Inna Dvornyk


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 107-114


The main purpose of this study is to substantiate the theoretical and methodological foundations of the organizational and economic mechanism of development of the agro-industrial complex in modern conditions. Organizational and economic mechanism is presented as a complex organizational structure of the system type, which is aimed at performing specific functions, the characteristic feature of which is the constant support of process changes without which the organizational and economic mechanism can not exist. There are four components of the agro-industrial complex, represented by agriculture and the national economy, which ensure its operation, including industry, processing of agricultural products, its storage and transportation, sale and repair and maintenance of agricultural machinery and more. It is proved that the organizational and economic mechanism of development of agro-industrial complex in modern conditions it is expedient to consider: from the point of view of system and process approaches; as a set of economic levers and organizational measures to influence the agro-industrial complex; constituent components of organizational influence on the development of the complex; a set of components, elements that are integrated into the system of economic relations of the subjects of the agro-industrial complex; a set of purposeful stimulators of agro-industrial complex development. The functions of the organizational component of the mechanism of agro-industrial complex include: redistributive, planning, interaction, control, integration and regulatory functions, the functions of the economic component include consumer, investment and innovation, social, incentive, monitoring functions of the mechanism. The symbiosis of the functions of organizational and economic components ensure the effectiveness of the organizational and economic mechanism of the organizational and economic mechanism through its functionalities as a whole.


organizational and economic mechanism, agro-industrial complex, mechanism, mechanism functions, system approach, process approach.