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Future Smart Communication Networks: A Survey of Security issues in Developing a Smart City


Hussah N. AlEisa


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 139-144


The smart cities are evolving constantly and are responsible for the current transformation of cities and countries into a completely connected network of information and technology This interconnected network of a huge number of smart devices is capable of exchanging complex information and provides tremendous support including enhanced quality of life within urban locations. Unfortunately this set-up is vulnerable to security attacks and requires the widespread ubiquitous network to authorize access through privacy and thus offer security in order to ensure civilian participation in a country. The smart network should benefit the individuals of the country by developing potential strategies to protect the smart cities and their participating entities from the unauthorized attacks. Trustworthy data sharing strategies based on the utilization of advanced technology features via smart communication network could solve some issues of privacy and security. This paper presents the challenges and issues related to protection and highlights the important aspects of securing the smart cities and its components. It also presents the role of cloud security for building a secure smart city.


Internet of Things, Vehicular Adhoc networks, Smart City, Security and Privacy.