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Vulnerabilities, Threats and Challenges on Cyber Security and the Artificial Intelligence based Internet of Things: A Comprehensive Study


Mohammed Ateeq Alanezi


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 153-158


The Internet of Things (IoT) has gotten a lot of research attention in recent years. IoT is seen as the internet's future. IoT will play a critical role in the future, transforming our lifestyles, standards, and business methods. In the following years, the use of IoT in various applications is likely to rise. In the world of information technology, cyber security is critical. In today's world, protecting data has become one of the most difficult tasks. Different type of emerging cyber threats such as malicious, network based and abuse of network have been identified in the IoT. These can be done by virus, Phishing, Spam and insider abuse. This paper focuses on emerging threats, various challenges and vulnerabilities which are faced by the cyber security in the field of IoT and its applications. It focuses on the methods, ethics, and trends that are reshaping the cyber security landscape. This paper also focuses on an attempt to classify various types of threats, by analyzing and characterizing the intruders and attacks facing towards the IoT devices and its services.


Internet of Things, Cyber security, Artificial intelligence (AI), Information technology, Networks, Malicious attacks