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Artificial Intelligence in Personalized ICT Learning


Krasheninnik Iryna Volodymyrivna, Chorna Alona Vitaliiivna, Koniukhov Serhii Leonidovych, Liudmyla Ibrahimova, Serdiuk Iryna


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 159-166


Artificial Intelligence has stimulated every aspect of today's life. Human thinking quality is trying to be involved through digital tools in all research areas of the modern era. The education industry is also leveraging artificial intelligence magical power. Uses of digital technologies in pedagogical paradigms are being observed from the last century. The widespread involvement of artificial intelligence starts reshaping the educational landscape. Adaptive learning is an emerging pedagogical technique that uses computer-based algorithms, tools, and technologies for the learning process. These intelligent practices help at each learning curve stage, from content development to student's exam evaluation. The quality of information technology students and professionals training has also improved drastically with the involvement of artificial intelligence systems. In this paper, we will investigate adopted digital methods in the education sector so far. We will focus on intelligent techniques adopted for information technology students and professionals. Our literature review works on our proposed framework that entails four categories. These categories are communication between teacher and student, improved content design for computing course, evaluation of student's performance and intelligent agent. Our research will present the role of artificial intelligence in reshaping the educational process.


Artificial Intelligence, education, vocational education