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Be Aware -Application for Measuring Crowds Through Crowdsourcing Technique in Makkah Al-Mukarramh


Olfat M. Mirza, Israa Alharbi, Sereen Khayyat, Rawa Aleidarous, Doaa Albishri, Wejdan Alzhrani


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 199-208


The world health organization classified the emerging coronavirus (known as Covid-19) as a pandemic after confirming the extent of spread and scale. As a matter of fact, outbreaks of similar scale or even worse have been witnessed throughout history. Thus, the development of prevention strategies exists to protect against such calamaties. One of the widely proven measures that controls the spread of any contagious diseases is social distancing. As a result, this paper will demonstrate the concept of an application “Be Aware” on enabling the implementation of this preventive measure. In particular “Be aware” evaluates the extent of congestion in public places using current time data. The proposed project will use Global Positioning System (GPS), and Application Programming Interface (API), to ensure information accuracy, and the API use Crowdsourcing to collect Real-Time Data (RTD) from the selected places. One line


Global Positioning System, Application Programming Interface, Real Time Data, Crowdsourcing and Makkah