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Isonumber based Iso-Key Interchange Protocol for Network Communication


Mamta S. Dani, Akshaykumar Meshram, Rupesh Pohane, and Rupali R. Meshram


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 209-213


Key exchange protocol (KEP) is an essential setup to secure authenticates transmission among two or more users in cyberspace. Digital files protected and transmitted by the encryption of the files over public channels, a single key communal concerning the channel parties and utilized for both to encrypt the files as well as decrypt the files. If entirely done, this impedes unauthorized third parties from imposing a key optimal on the authorized parties. In this article, we have suggested a new KEP term as isokey interchange protocol based on generalization of modern mathematics term as isomathematics by utilizing isonumbers for corresponding isounits over the Block Upper Triangular Isomatrices (BUTI) which is secure, feasible and extensible. We also were utilizing arithmetic operations like Isoaddition, isosubtraction, isomultiplication and isodivision from isomathematics to build iso-key interchange protocol for network communication. The execution of our protocol is for two isointegers corresponding two elements of the group of isomatrices and cryptographic performance of products eachother. We demonstrate the protection of suggested isokey interchange protocol against Brute force attacks, Menezes et al. algorithm and Climent et al. algorithm.


Cryptography, Block Isomatrix, Isomathematics, Isonumber, Isounit.