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The Level of ELMS Success in Satisfying Students at Al-Jouf University During the Corona Crisis


Zeinab M. Abdel Azim, Osama R. Shahin, Mohamed H. Ragab Khalaf, and Ahmed I. Taloba


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 241-249


The current research attempts to measure the level of the acceptance of the Blackboard System (BBS) during the Corona crisis, and whether this is one of the reasons for the low use of the BBS at Al-Jouf University. To achieve this, the technology accepting model in the time of crisis (TAMTC) has been proposed to measure the degree of acceptance by students, which was then applied to a random sample of 339 of such. The results show a high level of student acceptance, despite their lower use of the system. The research also highlights the importance of upgrading e-courses and that the discontinuation of exam disqualification of students is secondary to their poor course attendance.


E-Learning; Management System; The lower Use; Corona crisis; Blackboard System; Technology Acceptance Model; Time of Crisis.