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Usability Evaluation of Mobile Banking Applications in Digital Business as Emerging Economy


Khalid Hamid, Muhammad Waseem Iqbal, Hafiz Abdul Basit Muhammad, Zubair Fuzail, Zahid Tabassum Ghafoor, and Sana Ahmad


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 250-260


Mobile Banking Applications (MBAPs) is one of the recent fads in mobile trading applications (Apps). MBAPs permit users to execute exchanges of money and many more whenever it might suit them; however, the primary issue for mobile banking Apps is usability. Hardly any investigation analyzes usability issues dependent on user’s age, gender, exchanging accomplices, or experience. The purpose of this study is to determine the degree of usability issues, and experience of mobile banking users. The survey employs a quantitative method and performs user experiment on 240 participants with six different tasks on the application's interface. The post experiment survey is done with concerning participants. On the other hand, banking experts and Information Technology (IT) expert’s group is also involved after the experiment. Expert’s opinions about existing mobile banking Apps and suggestions for improving usability of MBAPs are collected through physical means (like questionnaire and interview) and online means like Google form. After that comparison of the opinions of users and experts about MBAPs is performed. The experimentation measures the tasks usability of various mobile banking apps with respect to its effectiveness, efficiency, trustfulness, learnability, memorability and satisfaction. The usability testing was led at different Universities and the outcomes acquired show that there are privacy and trust issues with their mobile banking apps. There is also a gap between users and experts which should be minimized by applying customized usability models, modes concept like other application software and also by adding complete features of banking in MBAPs. It will benefit mobile banking apps users, developers and usability engineers by providing user-friendly which are up to the mark of user’s requirements.


Memorability, Learnability, Usability evaluation, Efficiency, Effectiveness, UCD model, Expert group