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Comparison of Home Automation System Using IPV-4 and IPV-6 Based On Mitigate Reconnaissance Attacks


Muhammad Shujat Ali, Imran Siddiq, Abdullah Faisal, Muhammad Zubair Awan


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 341-347


This research is designed to help and offer hold up to complete the requirements of aged and disable in a home. The control approach and the tone approach are used to manage the house appliances. The major organize system implementation in technology of wireless to offer distant contact from a phone Internet Protocol connectivity for access and calculating strategy and appliance remotely. The planned system no need a committed server PC with value of parallel systems and offers a new communication-protocol to observe and control a house environment with more than just the switch functionality. To express the possibility and efficiency of this system, devices like as lights switches, power plugs, and motion-sensors have been included with the planned home control system and supply more security manage on the control with low electrical energy activate method. The rank of switches is corresponding in all this control system whereby all user interfaces indicate the real time existing status. This system planned to manage electrical-appliances and devices in house with reasonably low cost of design, user friendly interface, easily install and provide high security. Research community generally specified that the network “Reconnaissance Attacks” in IPv6 are usually impossible due to they will take huge challenge to carry out address scanning of 264 hosts in an IPv6 subnet.“It being deployed of IPv6 shows that it definitely enhances security and undermines the probability”. This research of the IPv6 addressing-strategies at present utilizes and planned a new strategy and move toward to “mitigate reconnaissance attacks”.


ipv-4; ipv-6; Mitigate Reconnaissance; Automation, Security