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Health Care Optimization by Maximizing the Air-Ambulance Operation Time


Loai Kayed B.Melhim


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 357-361


Employing the available technologies and utilizing the advanced means to improve the level of health care provided to citizens in their various locations. Citizens have the right to get a proper health care services despite the location of their residency or the distance from the health care delivery centers, a goal that can be achieved by utilizing air ambulance systems. In such systems, aircrafts and their life spans are the essential component, the flight duration of the aircraft during its life span is determined by the maintenance schedule. This research, enhances the air ambulance systems by presenting a proposal that maximizes the aircraft flight duration during its life span. The enhancement will be reached by developing a set of algorithms that handles the aircraft maintenance problem. The objective of these algorithms is to minimize the maximum completion time of all maintenance tasks, thus increasing the aircraft operation time. Practical experiments performed to these algorithms showed the ability of these algorithms to achieve the desired goal. The developed algorithms will manage the maintenance scheduling problem to maximize the uptime of the air ambulance which can be achieved by maximizing the minimum life of spare parts. The developed algorithms showed good performance measures during experimental tests. The 3LSL algorithm showed a higher performance compared to other algorithms during all performed experiments.


Air-Ambulance, Maximizing Operation Time, Health Care Optimization.