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PR Technology As A Modern Function Of Educational Management


Yelena Kovalenko, Olena Kovalchuk, Аlla Hotsalyuk, Sergiy Karikov, Olena Havrylo, Svitlana Kotlyar


Vol. 22  No. 2  pp. 399-405


This article is devoted to the consideration of the image strategies of higher education on the example of a comparison of Ukrainian and foreign experience. The relevance of the chosen topic is as follows. Today, educational institutions need to position, shape and elevate their image. PR helps to solve all these tasks, performing a function that is so necessary for establishing mutual understanding as communication management. The following tasks are solved in the article: originality of definitions was investigated; revealed PR and related concepts; analyzed the role of PR in the information promotion of universities; determined the specifics of information promotion, due to temporary conditions and regional development; considered image materials of Ukrainian and foreign universities; disclosed the specifics of the information promotion of the objects under study; analyzed.


Innovative teaching, Higher education, Teaching technology, Information Technology..