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Electronic Games and Their Relationship to Social Responsibility and Information Processing Among University Students


Walid Hassan Ashour Hassan Elkhateeb, Zeinab M. Abdel Azim, and Mohamed H. Ragab Khalaf


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 413-416


Nowadays, playing electronic games is one of the most widespread phenomena around the world and affects societies in general, especially adolescents and children. There is a great need to know the direct and indirect impact of games on their social formation. Electronic games are known as an electronic commerce commodity that represents the most important part of the modern digital culture, and it has a great impact on the individual and society, in addition to the primary purpose of playing it is the purpose. Of entertainment and pleasure in leisure time, she also became a friend of the teenager who does not leave him at home. With him, whether via TV, computer, computer, internet, smartphone, and outside the home, you are also present with him through PlayStation halls and Internet cafes, which may cause addiction to those games in a way that negatively affects the health of the person, the individual and society.


E-Games; Social responsibility; Information processing;