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The Impact Of Globalization On Educational Activities In The Modern World


Svitlana Sovhira, Vasyl Khryk, Svitlana Zamrozevych-Shadrina, Svitlana Pukhno, Liudmyla Badyeyeva, Yurii Smakovskyi


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 461-466


The article analyzes the Bologna educational space, it is revealed that it can have negative consequences for any national educational system. It is noted that using the Bologna process, the development of education will be preserved, while maintaining national achievements and traditions. This will make higher education more competitive. The need to develop international integration is determined, keeping the best of our own experience. The object of the article is globalization processes in the world. The subject of the article is the impact of globalization on the educational process. The purpose of the article is to reveal how globalization contributes to the unification of educational standards in the world. The goal can be achieved by solving the following tasks: consider the essence of the globalization process, its properties; identify the impact of the globalization process on education in the modern world; analyze the Bologna process as an example of the globalization of education; identify the advantages and disadvantages of the Bologna process.


Innovative teaching, Higher education, Teaching technology, Information Technology.