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The Impact of Labor Migration on the EU Labor Market During the Pandemic


Nataliya Andriyiv, Lesia Stetsiv, Myroslav Yaremyk, Iryna Malyarchuk, Roman Chmelyk


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 511-516


The main purpose is to analyze the main features of the impact of labor migration on the labor market in a pandemic. The problems associated with labor migration were also relevant to the radical changes in the economies of all countries that the latest pandemic caused by COVID-19 entailed. The deepening gap in socio-economic development between countries provoked an increase in the intensity of labor migration. People's needs for higher wages for work performed in better conditions become the main motivators for a temporary change of residence. Despite the relatively short period of imbalance in labor markets, the recovery process is slower and uneven in relation to individual sectors of the economy. Along with this, the role played by labor migrants during quarantine restrictions and the current need to increase their number in the EU becomes the basis for revising attitudes towards labor migration in general and changing state policies in the EU and Ukraine.


labor migration, labor market, unemployment, employed population, COVID-19 pandemic.