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The Influence of Environmental Sustainability, Market Orientation and Organizational Governance on Sales Force's Performance


Maher T. Toukabri, Faouzi A. Najjar, and Hamood M. Alenezi


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 585-593


The attention that Market Orientation (MO) and the Environmental Sustainability Orientation (ESO) continues to receive from both academicians and executives is proved by the abundant literature on this topic. In the same order, the governance approach is considered as a very important factor sustaining superior performance and contributing to the firm development. However, the relationships between those three concepts have receive little empirical development in previous research. This research highlights the concepts of (MO), (ESO), good Governance and Sales Organizational approach that affect the Sales Force (SF) effectiveness performance. Based on an inventory of previous research on the determinants and the consequences of Market Orientation, this paper provides a conceptual framework that presents the evoked constructs. Quantitative research was conducted with small and medium enterprises in the Northern Border Area in Saudi Arabia to carry out the determinants of the sales force performance (SFP) and particularly those related to the market orientation, the organizational governance, and the environment sustainability orientated. This research provides deep insights into the relationship between (MO) and (ESO) of the firm and governance for better understanding the variables that could impact the (SF) Management. The results of this research are useful for both academicians and executives.


Environment Sustainable orientation; Market orientation; Corporate governance; Sales force's performance; Small and Medium Organizations; MENA.