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Surveying Teachers Perspectives on Using Face-to-Face vs. E-Teaching Post COVID-19 Pandemic




Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 599-605


The aim was to investigate and assess teachers perspectives on using Face-to-Face vs. E-teaching post COVID-19 pandemic. Quantitative research is carried out with the aim to assess teachers perspectives on using Face-to-Face vs. E-Learning post COVID-19 pandemic. It uses a survey-based methodology to obtain data from the respondents. The data were collected within a period of about 30 days .The author received a total of 180 questionnaire responses . A 12- item survey instrument was developed particularly for this research study . The first part concerns with the demographic information, while the second parts concerns with scale items for the four variables: Interaction with student(3 items), knowledge gained(3 items), Easiness(3 items), and Flexibility(3 items) . Each item is followed by three choices: a)In face to face b) In E learning c) comparable. The results of this study showed that teachers were satisfied with interaction with students, knowledge gained in both face-to-face vs. e- teaching, easiness regarding face-to-face vs. e- teaching, and flexibility regarding face-to-face vs. e- teaching.


Teachers perspectives, Face-to-Face , E-Learning ,COVID-19 pandemic