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Autism Diagnosis/Screening Systems and Applications Survey


Amina Sani Adamu and Saleh El Yakub Abdullahi


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 611-621


Autism is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting individuals from childhood up to adulthood. Most of the individuals on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are said to have certain behaviors and disabilities. In most cases, the lack of specialists and tools to examine children for ASD makes its diagnosis very difficult and untimely. This has led to late intervention, resulting to significant decrease in quality of life of the patient. As at today, several computer applications have been implemented to aid diagnosis of ASD. This paper presents the survey of such applications including: Expert systems, mobile applications, chat bots etc. used for the screening/diagnosis of Autism. Several databases relating to Autism diagnosis systems or applications were searched and studied. In particular, most of the applications were either developed based on DSM 4 or DSM 5 criteria or machine learning implemented based on already existing Autism diagnosis tools such as the MCHAT, Q-CHAT 10, ATEC, etc. Almost all the systems reviewed have shown promising result and can be implemented to be used in real life clinical diagnosis/screening. This paper is aimed at providing a review of the Tools used for Autism Diagnosis and Screening.


Autism, Diagnosis, Screening, Applications, Expert systems