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Electronic Document As A Source In Criminal Proceedings


Oleksandr Manzhai, Аndrii Lysenko, Iryna Burlaka, Viktoriia Vintsuk†, Ruslan Chycha


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 629-633


The use of electronic documents and other types of digital information as evidence in criminal proceedings has its own characteristics, which are discussed in this paper. The purpose of the study is to consider the problems of using electronic documents as evidence in criminal cases, which arise both in the theory of criminal procedure and in investigative and judicial practice. Unfortunately, the legislator does not always keep up with the development of the information society, as a result of which the regulation of legal relations is incomplete. The importance of using electronic documents in criminal procedure legislation is determined. The main definitions of the electronic document used in regulations and scientific works of scientists are considered. The main approaches to the term ""electronic document"" are analyzed and the necessity of using this term is substantiated, the definition of an electronic document as a source of evidence is given. It is proposed to allocate an electronic document as a separate source of evidence.


Evidence, Electronic evidence, Digital evidence, Electronic document