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Information & Analytical Support of Innovation Processes Management Digitalisation at the Regional Level


Olena Omelianenko, Iryna Petrova, Olga Chashechnikova, Oleksandr Yurchenko, Svitlana Lytvynenko, Berezova Svitlana


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 644-652


The problem of interaction of RIS elements and modeling of their impact on sustainable development of the region today is practically not considered in terms of model tools for providing solutions at the main stages of strategic management in the complex. The aim of the work is to develop and test economic and mathematical models of the regional innovation system (RIS). The proposed set of developed economic and mathematical models is designed to expand the theoretical and methodological base and identify factors of regional development of regions, including key indicators of RIS, explore their relationship in two interconnected systems ?RIS-Regional economy? and ?Sustainable regional development-RIS? and to develop a forecast for the development of the regional economic system taking into account the innovation factor.


regional innovation system, model, analysis.