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Patients Medical Report analysis using OCR and Deep Learning


Ilanchezhian P, Jayanthi D, Kavipriya P, Kavin Sagar S


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 696-700


Artificial intelligence is one among the booming technologies in the world. It gives scopes to many fields with its advancements. Data security, gaming, automotive industries, human resource, robotics, healthcare etc. In healthcare there are many different advancements that use AI to help doctors treat the patients. Our idea is to develop an AI that helps the patients to understand their medical report just by capturing the report as an image. There are few research works done that helps the doctors by analyzing the reports and suggesting good solutions. And also a few more research works that analyze the reports and store them in a database. These reports are processed and categorized based on its relevance so that doctors can make use of that to treat new cases. Our work is something that tells people what their report is all about without assistance from the doctor. We use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to detect the text, involve them in a certain matching algorithm and show the results in descriptive texts and as an augmented reality(AR).


Artificial Intelligence, healthcare, medical report, Optical Character Recognition, Augmented Reality.