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The Security Challenges in Healthcare Cloud Computing


Talal Alsuwaidani


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 731-737


Healthcare data is one of the most sensitive data that should be protected, and its accessibility must not be available for everyone. There are several available methods of saving this type of data, including cloud computing technology. Cloud computing has become one of the leading information technologies that allow more effective computing by centralizing data storage. Recently, one of the most critical challenges facing the cloud computing environment is the security concerns, which has become a challenging issue at present and therefore has been given increasing attention. Thus, this study involves understanding the challenges facing cloud security and how to overcome them, besides the relationship between the infrastructures and maintaining healthcare data security. In this study, 20 published studies between 2013 and 2021 have been reviewed and analyzed in order to obtain the desired outcomes. This study showed that using cloud computing systems in healthcare could expose patient-sensitive data to theft or be accessed by unauthorized persons. Also, this technology involves some challenges such as legal amenabilities, lack of control, trust, consistency, and quality, besides the asset issues, data sharing, availability, secrecy and recovery, geographical data location, as well as unauthorized data access. Furthermore, this study provides several methods to preserve health information security in the cloud system.


Healthcare cloud computing, Security, Healthcare infrastructure, Cloud computing challenges.