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High Efficiency Single-Stage Flyback Micro Inverter with Energy Regenerative Snubber


Elyes Mbar다, Hamed Balloumi, Ferid Kourda


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 746-754


A low-cost technique for improving the efficiency of a single-stage Flyback micro inverter is proposed in the paper. The proposed low cost technique for improving the efficiency is based on a simple nondissipative snubber, consisting of just a few passive elements. A turn-off snubber is needed to limit the peak voltage stress that can damage the main switch when the transistor is turned OFF. In this paper, Simulation and experimental evaluation of the energy regenerative snubber dedicated to the flyback micro-inverter in comparison with other common snubbers is presented, the modes of operation of the converter are discussed and analyzed and the design of the converter with the passive snubber is reviewed. Experimental results obtained from a lab prototype are presented as well.


Flyback micro inverter, LCDD snubber, RCD snubber, CCM, DCM, CCM