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World Experience in the Use of Multimedia Technologies and the Formation of Information Culture of the Future Primary School Teacher


Oleksandr Kuchai, Nataliia Hrechanyk, Alyona Pluhina, Antonina Chychuk, Liudmyla Biriuk, Shevchuk Iryna


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 760-768


The article considers the world experience in the use of multimedia technologies and the formation of information culture of the future primary school teacher In recent years, there has been a noticeable trend in the use of computers in education, of particular interest is the pedagogical field. Noteworthy, in particular, the world experience of using multimedia technologies, which shows that the information space is constantly changing. Multimedia technologies depend on the development of information and communication technologies in any open democratic society. Research of forms and methods of introduction of multimedia technologies in the educational process of secondary schools is based on the objective laws of development and reform of educational systems and their industries, including information and communication technologies, forms of introducing educational content due to national, economic and social characteristics of different countries. On the other hand, the rapid development of technology has intensified the implementation of innovations in the educational process, especially in various forms of information support of the educational process, which include distance learning, multimedia technologies, educational project activities, other forms that require detailed research, generalization experience and outlining trends in education at the present stage. The formation of information culture of the teacher is based on information education, designed to prepare teachers for life and work in modern information conditions, to teach younger students to perceive, understand a variety of information, to understand the peculiarities of its impact on the psyche. The information culture of primary school teachers is a certain level of information competence of the specialist, allows him to self-realize in the process of creative information activities through the use of information technology, prepares for independent education.


multimedia technologies, primary school teacher, development of information and communication technologies, democratic society.