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Current Problems of Information Law: Analysis of Current Trends in Cybersecurity


Nataliya Davydova, Iuliia Baieva, Svitlana Miserzhy, Yevgen Pereguda, and Valentina Zgurska


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 769-775


Purpose of the article. To determine the peculiarities of the formation of information law as the basis of trends in modern cybersecurity, which is important in modern society. Informatization and post-industrialization is one of the factors in the development of modern cybersecurity. Methodology. Methods of systematic analysis of scientific works on this problem, as well as the use of methods of analysis and synthesis and method of generalization to determine the results. Philosophical (dialectical), general theoretical, (gnoseological, structural, and functional), special (comparative and legal, inductive), and interdisciplinary methods of scientific knowledge (historical, analytical), which application is predetermined by a systematic approach, were used as a methodological basis of research.


information society, cyber-attacks, digitalization, information and communication technologies, hybrid wars, information law; information policy.