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Dual Signature based Privacy and Binding of Medical Data on Cloud


Malik Najmus Saqib, Ahmed Alghamdi


Vol. 22  No. 3  pp. 783-787


It is State-of-the-art nowadays to host the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) on the cloud to get benefit from the features of cloud paradigm. Such medical records must guarantee privacy and binding of patient medical information. Access to medical data is provided by the cloud service provider to three entities. These three entities are verifier, medical doctor and researcher for integrity verification, medication, and research purpose, respectively. The level of privacy of EMR for the said three entities should be different. This work will investigate a mechanism for preparing the EMR of each patient before uploading it on the Cloud. The proposed mechanism ensures that each entity can only see the information for which it is intended. This mechanism ensures the privacy of patient medical data from verifier and researcher. Moreover, it also binds the patient identity with patient medication information.


Medical record, Dual Signature, Privacy, binding Security.