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GT-PSO- An Approach For Energy Efficient Routing in WSN


Priyanka R and Satyanarayan Reddy K


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 17-26


Sensor Nodes play a major role to monitor and sense the variations in physical space in various real-time application scenarios. These nodes are powered by limited battery resources and replacing those resource is highly tedious task along with this it increases implementation cost. Thus, maintaining a good network lifespan is amongst the utmost important challenge in this field of WSN. Currently, energy efficient routing techniques are considered as promising solution to prolong the network lifespan where multi-hop communications are performed by identifying the most energy efficient path. However, the existing scheme suffer from performance related issues. To solve the issues of existing techniques, a novel hybrid technique by merging particle swarm optimization and game theory model is presented. The PSO helps to obtain the efficient number of cluster and Cluster Head selection whereas game theory aids in finding the best optimized path from source to destination by utilizing a path selection probability approach. This probability is obtained by using conditional probability to compute payoff for agents. When compared to current strategies, the experimental study demonstrates that the proposed GTPSO strategy outperforms them.


WSN, multi-hop routing, PSO, Game Theory.