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HetNet Characteristics and Models in 5G Networks


Sultan Alotaibi


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 27-32


The fifth generation (5G) mobile communication technology is designed to meet all communication needs. Heterogeneous networks (HetNets) are a new emerging network structure. HetNets have greater potential for radio resource reuse and better service quality than homogeneous networks since they can evolve small cells into macrocells. Effective resource allocation techniques reduce inter-user interference while optimizing the utilization of limited spectrum resources in HetNets. This article discusses resource allocation in 5G HetNets. This paper explains HetNets and how they work. Typical cell types in HetNets are summarized. Also, HetNets models are explained in the third section. The fourth component addresses radio resource control and mobility management. Moreover, future study in this subject may benefit from this article's significant insights on how HetNets function.


HetNets, Resource allocation, 5G, small cells, femtocells