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Developing Student-Teacher Interaction Through Task-Based Instruction


Hashem A. Alsamadani


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 47-52


The current study investigates how student-teacher interaction can be developed through task-based teaching in undergraduate students' Saudi teaching and learning context. An experiment was conducted for five weeks on 85 male undergraduate students at a Saudi public university based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. The study investigated different types of student-teacher interaction through task-based teaching (speaking activities). The results revealed that the experimental group (43 students) evinced much more enthusiasm, willingness, engagement and readiness in their in-class participation than their peers in the control group (42 students). The student-teacher interaction also helped students to be more responsive to general and specific topics in speaking activities. The study recommends that decision-makers in education make student-teacher interaction part of the student's monthly assessment. It also recommends that more efforts be made to foster the awareness of students, teachers, and parents awareness of the academic and non-academic importance of interaction. One final recommendation of the research is that student-teacher interaction should be more emphasized and integrated into the school curriculum and adopted as a critical teaching strategy.


Interaction; task-based; teaching; strategy; speaking skills.