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Incorporation of Media in the Activities of Scientific Library of Higher Education Institution


Yurii Horban, Oksana Berezhna, Iryna Bohush, Yevhenii Doroshenko, Viktoriia Kovbel


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 59-66


Students can successfully connect with one another thanks to the introduction of Web 2.0 and the tools and technology linked with it. The fact that rising digital tools are systematically influencing the education system is not a secret. The purpose of the research article efficiently evaluates the influence of incorporation of media in the activities of the scientific library of the higher education institution. The research Methodology is the Concepts, techniques, and procedures to effectively inculcate primary and secondary data to conduct the research effortlessly. It's worth noting that in this case, quantitative primary research was provided in the form of a survey. The researchers have proposed a survey in order to successfully instil a comprehensive view on the ""incorporation of media in the operations of the scientific library of higher education institutions."" As a result, fifty-one higher education institution principals were asked to attend this session. This is necessary to understand that they are both well-educated and cognizant of the impact of technology innovation on schooling. As a result, the researchers were able to gain a comprehensive view of this situation thanks to this survey. The results effectively showed that most of the participants believe that social media plays a vital role in shaping up higher education and at the same time they believe that the libraries of famous educational institutions must adapt as per the new educational trend so that teachers and students both can tap into its benefit.The practical significance of the result is manoeuvred by the efficient survey analysis and at the same time, peer-reviewed journals have been employed to put forward authentic information. Therefore, efficient insight regarding this topic has been gathered by the researchers.


Social media, Scientific Library, Learning management system, Research methodology, Survey Analysis, Thematic analysis, Higher education.