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Task Scheduling in Fog Computing ? Classification, Review, Challenges and Future Directions


Deafallah Alsadie


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 89-100


With the advancement in the Internet of things Technology (IoT) cloud computing, billions of physical devices have been interconnected for sharing and collecting data in different applications. Despite many advancements, some latency - specific application in the real world is not feasible due to existing constraints of IoT devices and distance between cloud and IoT devices. In order to address issues of latency sensitive applications, fog computing has been developed that involves the availability of computing and storage resources at the edge of the network near the IoT devices. However, fog computing suffers from many limitations such as heterogeneity, storage capabilities, processing capability, memory limitations etc. Therefore, it requires an adequate task scheduling method for utilizing computing resources optimally at the fog layer. This work presents a comprehensive review of different task scheduling methods in fog computing. It analyses different task scheduling methods developed for a fog computing environment in multiple dimensions and compares them to highlight the advantages and disadvantages of methods. Finally, it presents promising research directions for fellow researchers in the fog computing environment.


Fog computing, Task scheduling, Job scheduling, Resource provisioning.