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Multi-Class Classification Framework for Brain Tumor MR Image Classification by Using Deep CNN with Grid-Search Hyper Parameter Optimization Algorithm


Naveen Mukkapati and Dr. M S Anbarasi


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 101-110


Histopathological analysis of biopsy specimens is still used for diagnosis and classifying the brain tumors today. The available procedures are intrusive, time consuming, and inclined to human error. To overcome these disadvantages, need of implementing a fully automated deep learning-based model to classify brain tumor into multiple classes. The proposed CNN model with an accuracy of 92.98 % for categorizing tumors into five classes such as normal tumor, glioma tumor, meningioma tumor, pituitary tumor, and metastatic tumor. Using the grid search optimization approach, all of the critical hyper parameters of suggested CNN framework were instantly assigned. Alex Net, Inception v3, Res Net -50, VGG -16, and Google - Net are all examples of cutting-edge CNN models that are compared to the suggested CNN model. Using huge, publicly available clinical datasets, satisfactory classification results were produced. Physicians and radiologists can use the suggested CNN model to confirm their first screening for brain tumor Multi-classification.


Multi-classification, CNN model, Grid search technic, Hyper parameter optimization