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Virtual Machine Placement Methods using Metaheuristic Algorithms in a Cloud Environment ? A Comprehensive Review


Deafallah Alsadie


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 147-158


Cloud Computing offers flexible, on demand, ubiquitous resources for cloud users. Cloud users are provided computing resources in a virtualized environment. In order to meet the growing demands for computing resources, data centres contain a large number of physical machines accommodating multiple virtual machines. However, cloud data centres cannot utilize their computing resources to their total capacity. Several policies have been proposed for improving energy proficiency and computing resource utilization in cloud data centres. Virtual machine placement is an effective method involving efficient mapping of virtual machines to physical machines. However, the availability of many physical machines accommodating multiple virtual machines in a data centre has made the virtual machine placement problem a non deterministic polynomial time hard (NP hard) problem. Metaheuristic algorithms have been widely used to solve the NP hard problems of multiple and conflicting objectives, such as the virtual machine placement problem. In this context, we presented essential concepts regarding virtual machine placement and objective functions for optimizing different parameters. This paper provides a taxonomy of metaheuristic algorithms for the virtual machine placement method. It is followed by a review of prominent research of virtual machine placement methods using meta heuristic algorithms and comparing them. Finally, this paper provides a conclusion and future research directions in virtual machine placement of cloud computing.


Cloud computing, Virtualization, VM Placement, Metaheuristic Algorithms.