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The Ship in the New Saudi Commercial Maritime Law


Saoussen BOUZIR


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 175-182


The new commercial maritime law in the Kingdom came comprehensive and detailed for all topics related to commercial maritime navigation, thus responding to most of the problems that arise in the field, specifically regarding the ship as the focus of the rules of maritime law. This system defines the ship in law, regulates its civil status, determines how to name it, determine its domicile, and the conditions for acquiring Saudi nationality. It also contained a regulation of the rights granted to ships by ownership, as well as their lease and mortgage, the mechanism of attachment to them to settle debts and the rights in kind dependent on them and controlling the rights of third parties on ships and the procedures for forcibly selling them from precautionary seizure and executive seizure and then forced sale in public auction. Until this research was an effort to present a clear picture about the legal system of the ship in the new Saudi commercial maritime system and confirming the extent of the success of the Saudi legislator with the ship system in highlighting the legal frameworks for this facility prepared for maritime navigation.


Maritime Law - Navigation - Ship - Attachments.