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Features of the Impact of Social and Digital Changes on the System of Government Regulation of Banking Activity


Khrystyna Zalutska, Vаsyl Pasichnyk, Natalia Smolinska, Igor Grybyk, Oleksandr Sylkin †


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 217-222


The main purpose of the article is to study the features of the impact of social and digital changes on the system of government regulation of banking acitivity. The digital economy sets the vector along which socio-economic systems of micro-, meso-, macro-levels will develop in the long term, which necessitates research and a comprehensive analysis of digital transformation processes. Once a priority for individual innovative companies, today digital transformation has become a mass phenomenon, and the corresponding projects are vital for the success of not only individual companies, but also regions and countries. At the same time, this transformation itself is closely connected with the trend of servicing socio-economic systems and is largely implemented on its basis. Moreover, this relationship and the mechanism for its implementation remain insufficiently studied, which necessitates the development of tools for its identification, assessment and management. As a result of the analysis, the key aspects of the impact of social and digital changes on the system of state regulation of banking activities were identified.


Banking business, Social transformation, Economy, State regulation, Digital economy.