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Flipping EFL Classrooms: Impacts on Students’ Achievement and Life Skills Learning


Prof. Hashem A. Alsamadani


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 229-236


This study investigates the impact of flipped classroom strategy in developing students’ achievement and acquisition of life skills. The study employed a quasi-experimental design where students were divided into two groups: an experimental (N=22) and a control (N=22). The randomly selected and assigned sample consisted of sixth-year elementary school students studying English as a basic course. The findings revealed statistically significant differences between the two group's means in both achievement and life skills tests in favor of the experimental group. Students of the experimental group who studied using the flipped classroom strategy outperformed the control group who studied in the standard way in achieving the English language and in the life situations test, where the effect size of the use of the strategy was large in both dependent variables. The study is concluded with some recommendations to facilitate the use of flipped classroom strategy for EFL teachers. This can be achieved by training teachers on using the strategy and providing technological resources at schools to implement the strategy efficiently.


Flipped classroom, English, EFL, ESL, life skills.