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Advanced Real time IoT Eco-Driving Assistant System


Anis Jouini, Adnane Cherif, and Salem Hasnaoui


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 237-244


Eco-driving of vehicles today presents an advantage that aims to reduce energy consumption and limit CO2 emissions. The application for this option is possible to older vehicles. In this paper, we propose an efficient implementation for IoT (Internet of Things) system for controlling vehicle components that affect the quality of driving (acceleration, braking, clutch, gear change) via Smartphone using Wi-Fi and BLE as communication protocol. The user can see in real-time data from sensors that control driver action on vehicle driving systems such as acceleration, braking, and vehicle shifting through a web interface. Thanks to this communication, the user can control his driving quality and, hence, eco-driving can be achieved


Eco-driving, IoT, EDAS