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Guarantees of Applying Disclosure and Transparency on the Companies Listed in the Saudi Capital Market


Hani Mohamed Moanes


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 274-284


By explaining the essence of corporate governance as well as disclosure and transparency, the study examined the guarantees of applying disclosure and transparency to firms listed on the Saudi stock exchange. The research also addressed the disclosure and transparency duties of firms listed on the Saudi stock exchange. Finance to prepare a prospectus, as the Capital Market Authority's regulations required that prospectus include information that enables the investor in securities to make his investment decision based on real foundations based on the issuing company's financial position, and to ensure that companies fulfil that disclosure in the prospectus. Firms who fail to disclose are required by law to do so, and the Capital Market Authority's laws mandate companies listed on the financial market to regularly report fundamental events linked to the issuer or the securities issued by it. The Capital Market Authority must make it available to the public dealing with the business issuing the securities, and The Capital Market Authority's Law and Regulations have imposed fines on corporations that do not comply with disclosure and make the Board of Directors report available. The research focused on activities that the legislator deemed to be a breach of the obligation of openness, such as the danger of many measures aimed for ensuring the impartiality and transparency of trading in the Saudi financial market, as well as the absence of conflicts of interest. The research also addressed the sanctions imposed on The source for failing to meet the obligation of disclosure and openness, as well as the mechanisms of compensating persons harmed by the failure to meet that responsibility.


.Commercial Companies, The Saudi Stock Exchange, Corporate Governance, Disclosure, Transparency