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Combining Encryption and Preservation in Information Security to Secure Sending a Message


Sameer Nooh


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 285-291


With the growing exchange of data between individuals and institutions through various electronic communication, valuable data protection is in high demand to ensure that it is not hacked and that privacy is protected. Many security techniques, such as encryption and steganography, have emerged to prevent security breaches. The purpose of this research is to integrate cryptographic and steganography techniques to secure text message sending. The Rijndael algorithm was used to encrypt the text message, and the Least Significant Bit algorithm was also used to hide the encrypted message in a color image. Experiments on the suggested method have proven that it can improve the security of sent messages due to the human eye's inability to identify the original image from the image after it has been covered, as well as the encryption of the message using a password.


Information Security ? Encryption ?Inform-ation Technology ? Steganography - Sending Message..