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Resource Management Strategies in Fog Computing Environment ?A Comprehensive Review


Deafallah Alsadie


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 310-328


Internet of things (IoT) has emerged as the most popular technique that facilitates enhancing humans' quality of life. However, most time sensitive IoT applications require quick response time. So, processing these IoT applications in cloud servers may not be effective. Therefore, fog computing has emerged as a promising solution that addresses the problem of managing large data bandwidth requirements of devices and quick response time. This technology has resulted in processing a large amount of data near the data source compared to the cloud. However, efficient management of computing resources involving balancing workload, allocating resources, provisioning resources, and scheduling tasks is one primary consideration for effective computing-based solutions, specifically for time-sensitive applications. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the source management strategies considering resource limitations, heterogeneity, unpredicted traffic in the fog computing environment. It presents recent developments in the resource management field of the fog computing environment. It also presents significant management issues such as resource allocation, resource provisioning, resource scheduling, task offloading, etc. Related studies are compared indifferent mentions to provide promising directions of future research by fellow researchers in the field.


Fog computing, Resource management, Task scheduling, Resource provisioning.