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Femtocell Networks Interference Management Approaches


Sultan Alotaibi


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 329-339


Small cells, particularly femtocells, are regarded a promising solution for limited resources required to handle the increasing data demand. They usually boost wireless network capacity. While widespread usage of femtocells increases network gain, it also raises several challenges. Interference is one of such concerns. Interference management is also seen as a main obstacle in the adoption of two-tier networks. For example, placing femtocells in a traditional macrocell's geographic area. Interference comes in two forms: cross-tier and co-tier. There have been previous studies conducted on the topic of interference management. This study investigates the principle of categorization of interference management systems. Many methods exist in the literature to reduce or eliminate the impacts of co-tier, cross-tier, or a combination of the two forms of interference. Following are some of the ways provided to manage interference: FFR, Cognitive Femtocell and Cooperative Resource Scheduling, Beamforming Strategy, Transmission Power Control, and Clustering/Graph-Based. Approaches, which were proposed to solve the interference problem, had been presented for each category in this work.


Interference, co-tier, cross-tier, femtocells.