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Big Data Key Challenges


Sultan Alotaibi


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 340-350


The big data term refers to the great volume of data and complicated data structure with difficulties in collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing these data. Big data analytics refers to the operation of disclosing hidden patterns through big data. This information and data set cloud to be useful and provide advanced services. However, analyzing and processing this information could cause revealing and disclosing some sensitive and personal information when the information is contained in applications that are correlated to users such as location-based services, but concerns are diminished if the applications are correlated to general information such as scientific results. In this work, a survey has been done over security and privacy challenges and approaches in big data. The challenges included here are in each of the following areas: privacy, access control, encryption, and authentication in big data. Likewise, the approaches presented here are privacy-preserving approaches in big data, access control approaches in big data, encryption approaches in big data, and authentication approaches in big data.


Access Control, Big data, Privacy, Authentication