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ICT-oriented Training of Future HEI Teachers: a Forecast of Educational Trends 2022-2024


Politova Olena, Pustovoichenko Dariia, Nataliia Hrechanyk, Yaroshchuk Kateryna and Nenko Serhii


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 387-393


The article reflects short-term perspectives on the use of information and communication technologies in the training of teachers for higher education. Education is characterized by conservatism, so aspects of systematic development of the industry are relevant to this cluster of social activity. Therefore, forecasting the introduction of innovative elements of ICT training is in demand for the educational environment. Forecasting educational trends are most relevant exactly in the issues of training future teachers of higher education because these specialists are actually the first to implement the acquired professional skills in pedagogical activities. The article aims to consider the existing potential of ICT-based learning, its implementation in the coming years, and promising innovative educational elements that may become relevant for the educational space in the future. The tasks of scientific exploration are to show the optimal formats of synergy between traditional and innovative models of learning. Based on already existing experience, extrapolation of conditions of educational process organization with modeling realities of using information and communication technologies in various learning dimensions should be carried out. Educational trends for the next 3 years are a rather tentative forecast because, as demonstrated by the events associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, the socio-cultural space is very changeable. Consequently, the dynamism of the educational environment dictates the need for a value-based awareness of the information society and the practical use of technological advances. Thus, information and communication technologies are a manifestation of innovative educational strategies of today and become an important component along with traditional aspects of educational process organization. Future higher education teachers should develop a training strategy taking into account the expediency of the ICT component.


higher education, educational strategies, innovative learning technologies, ICT learning, educational perspectives