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Radio Resource Scheduling Approach For Femtocell Networks


Sultan Alotaibi


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 394-400


The radio resources available in a wireless network system are limited. Therefor, job of managing resources is not easy task. Because the resources are shared among the UEs that are connected, the process of assigning resources must be carefully controlled. The packet scheduler in an LTE network is in charge of allocating resources to the user equipment (UE). Femtocells networks are being considered as a promising solution for poor channel performance for mulitple environments. The implementation of femtocells into a macrocell (traditional base station) would boost the capacities of the cellular network. To increase femtocells network capacity, a reliable Packet Scheduler mechanism should be implemented. The Packet Scheduler technique is introduced in this paper to maximize capacity of the network while maintaining fairness among UEs. The proposed solution operates in a manner consistent with this principle. An analysis of the proposed scheme's performance is conducted using a computer simulation. The results reveal that it outperforms the well-known PF scheduler in terms of cell throughput and average throughput of UEs.


Packet Scheduler, Radio Resource Management, Femtocell, LTE