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Electronic Media and New Configurations of the Content of Modern Educational Practices


Vadym Skurativskyi, Roman Shyrman, Nina Sharolapova, Ihor Nehreskul, Olha Molokanova


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 401-407


Electronic media are an integral part of modern civilization; educational practices are no exception, which should change the content orientations, structures and methodological approaches in accordance with the requirements of the educational market. This makes it relevant to find effective and successful configurations in the process of implementing modern educational practices. The purpose of the research lies in determining the basic principles of electronic media and their place in modern education, identifying the effectiveness of teaching disciplines with application of electronic media, as well as establishing the level of assessment by students of the need to involve different types of electronic media in the educational process and professional practice. The research methodology is complex; the descriptive method and methods of observation, analysis and synthesis have been used in the academic paper. The method of pedagogical experiment has become the principal one; the method of questionnaires and statistical methods have been also used. The hypothesis of the academic paper lies in the fact that the involvement of electronic media in the educational process makes it more effective and requires conceptual changes in educational practices. The result of the research manifests in the identification of new opportunities for the use of electronic media, leading to conceptual shifts in the framework of modern educational policies. In the future, it will be appropriate to consider the theoretical aspects of changing worldview models in education and the use of new media in the educational process, their effectiveness and relevance.


electronic media, educational practices, television, video, Internet, higher education.