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Application Of Smart-Technologies In The Modern Educational Process


Mykhailo Martyniuk, Tetiana Makhometa, Viktor Vykhor, Inna Romanchenko, Zhanna Bezuhla, Nadiia Stetsula


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 509-512


In the framework of this article the current state of the educational process with the use of smart technologies was considered. It is stated that elements of smart systems are currently being actively introduced into the content of the educational process. This trend allowed us to talk about the emergence of a new stage in the introduction of smart technologies in education, the transition to its state of smart education. Problems and tendencies of development of educational technologies in the epoch of smart education and media informatization are also considered. The purpose of the study is technologies according to their purpose and specification. The research is conducted within the framework of the system-information approach and its implementations applied to the media environment and the cyberspace of education. Educational technologies appear in this article as knowledge, abstract models, abstract processes, educational resources.


Smart education, Learning technologies, Teacher, Student