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Phishing Email Detection Using Machine Learning Techniques


Hussain Alattas, Fay Aljohar, Hawra Aljunibi, Muneera Alweheibi, Rawan Alrashdi, Ghadeer Al azman, Abdulrahman Alharby, and Naya Nagy


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 678-685


Phishing is a social engineering technique that mainly aims to steal personal or confidential data and may harm the target individual or organization in many ways. In phishing, fraudsters hide their identity as legitimate people, banks, or institutions, whether governmental or private. And since e-mail communication is the most used method in transmitting confidential or official messages, fraudsters normally target the email users to send their deceptive messages in order to extract data. However, this paper presents an overview of previously conducted studies with respect to detecting phishing email messages using machine learning. The paper’s objective is to analyze and assess the procedures of previously proposed models, datasets, and their results within the specified scope.


Phishing Attacks, Machine Learning, Phishing Emails, Social Engineering, Email Security.