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Distance Learning As A Means Of Stimulating Self-Education Of Higher Education Students


Olha Shum†, Kateryna Fadyeyeva , Sergii Pustovalov, Oleksandr Skliar, Oksana Khymych, Svitlana Pukhno


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 705-709


The relevance of the topic of distance learning as a means of stimulating self-education is due to the fact that this is one of the forms of such services that are most actively discussed in recent years - is learning using the global network Internrt or distance learning. The article presents the difference between distance learning from the traditional in terms of forms of interaction between teacher and graduate, as well as the sequence of study of subjects and pace of work. Peculiarities of distance education in terms of teacher - student communications are considered, its characteristic features are determined. Elements of the mechanism of self-education are considered. The mechanisms that can activate and stimulate the development of self-organization skills in students include: goal setting, conscious nature of cognition, positive reinforcement of learning outcomes, time planning, involvement in active learning methods, peer review and self-assessment of acquired knowledge and skills, involvement of students in distance learning. courses. The advantages of distance learning compared to traditional: the availability of sources of information, individualization of learning, convenient counseling system and others.


Distance learning, Self-education, Information technology, Student.