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A Comparative Study of Single VS Cluster Verification Approaches for Crowd Management: A Pilgrimage Case Study


Naeem A Nawaz


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 721-729


The verification of massive crowd has become an important factor to avoid or to stop the entry of illegal and un-authorized people without compromising the speed or efficiency. The crowd is required to verified in a short specific time but as we make a tough verification criterion, it increases the crowd verification time. If we go without verification or random verification, increase the percentage of illegal entries. Therefore, to handle a massive crowd with verification during specific time period (Hajj and Umrah) became a big challenge. The advance and new methods are used to make the verification process fast especially in case of massive crowd. To make the verification process fast at public places, advance technologies such as WSN, IoT, Cloud Computing etc. are used. In the same way different methods of verification are used such as biometric, face recognition, voice recognition, scanning etc. In this paper, we collected data to calculate minimum, maximum, average verification time by well planned interviews and observations for the existing approach. We have presented a cluster verification approach that leads to optimal verification time in cluster form. A preliminary analysis is done in between current verification approach and cluster verification approach. Simulation results shows that cluster verification along with proactive support has minimized the verification time that will increase the performance for crowd verification.


Wireless Sensor Network, Crowd Management, Massive Crowd, Cluster member, Cluster Verification, Verification Time