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Improving Retail Regulation under Digitalization


Svetlana Viktorovna Panasenko, Irina Borisovna Stukalova, Victoria Petrovna Kurenkova and Alexander Vladimirovich Mironov, Anzhela Alexandrovna Bezvesilnaya


Vol. 22  No. 4  pp. 792-796


The article deals with the development of approaches to improving the regulation of retail in the context of digitalization. It is established that retail currently remains a problematic area and has negative consequences for the functioning of the whole domestic market. It is proved that for the active development of retail, it is necessary to ensure the stability of the economy, form a regulatory mechanism that will create conditions for competition in trade, and protect the interests of both sellers and buyers. It is determined that the Internet has completely changed the style of doing business and significantly reduced the costs for retailers. It is found that Internet marketing is one of the most promising areas of development in the Russian Federation. The authors discover that the study of new opportunities for the internationalization of marketing activities using the Internet is particularly relevant.


retail, Internet, marketing, digital economy, market, retail network, regulation.